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Logo Generators Or Graphic Designers: Which Option Is Better?

Logo designing is a dynamic area. It has come a long way. In the past decades, you had to approach a logo designer or a graphics studio to have an elegant and unique logo. You need a professional designer to develop a creative and distinct business logo. With the ripening of technology, artificial intelligence is replacing the brick and mortar studios.

Logo generators are becoming the better option for both graphic designers and business owners. However, deciding between the two can be a complicated issue for a number of entrepreneurs like you. If you are in confusion whether to go for a designer or a generator, this article provides a comparison between the two logo making approaches by checking on various aspects:

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a)   Cost

As a business person, reducing your costs is your priority. You want to run an effective business where costs take a small amount of your revenue. This aspect is also crucial in the logo creation process. When selecting one, you want to ensure that you do not drain your sweat to generate a logo. Considering the cost aspect of using a logo generator seems to be cheaper as compared to using graphic designers. In the generator, you can design your logo for free.

Also, you will pay less than $20 if you want to save or download your logo. To get a professional logo from a graphic designer, digging deeper into your pocket is not avoidable. The cheapest you can pay for such services is beyond $210. As such, generators are a good option for cost-conscious entrepreneurs.

b)   Duration of development

Time is another essential factor to consider when it comes to logo making. You do not need an option that will take you forever to come up with a unique logo for your business. When you approach a graphic designer, you must be ready to commit a maximum period to get the best results. Before a designer begins the logo making process, they must understand your business and the personality to represent in it. Also, they need to choose the best corporate colors to merge with it to ensure it carries your brand’s voice. 

Despite these, you need to give a space for corrections that may arise in the designing process. So, you need to spare time for a desire to make the best logo for you. In contrary, the logo generator is time conscious. You do not need a week or a day to design your logo. Some software allows you to create an outstanding logo in less than an hour. Also, if you need to make changes, you can do it in the designing process. Hence, if you are time conscious entrepreneur, the generator is the fine option.

c)   Flexibility

While logos are timeless in that they are not trendy, they should not be static. Your logo must be able to adjust to the current seasons. For instance, during the festive season or special days, you should be able to tweak it to display the same. When you do your logo with a graphic designer, such opportunities are not available. The designer believes in the static logo. Hence, it will be hard to align your logo with the prevailing trends. Also, you want a logo that will be adaptive to the marketing and branding trends.

A logo generator is a perfect option in these situations. The generator is available 24/7. So, you can tweak your logo anytime. It is also an online option meaning regardless of your location as long as you have an internet-enabled device, you can access your logo and perform any changes you want.

In a word, whether it is flexibility, turnaround time, or cost, logo generators are a better option than the graphic designers.     

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